You’ve worked hard and now it’s your time to thrive. Let’s simplify your financial future, so you feel confident and in control.

I can help you uncomplicate your finances in the following ways:

Retirement Readiness Review

As you approach retirement, it is reassuring to have command of the facts so know where you stand. 

First, we’ll start a 3-Meeting Process so you understand how your PG&E benefits work in retirement:

  • Meeting 1: Data Gathering and Retirement Goals
  • Meeting 2: Data Review and Financial Projects
  • Meeting 3: Final Review and Recommendations

You are in control. After our third meeting, if you want help, I am happy to provide it. If all you needed was confirmation, there is no obligation to move forward after the final meeting. This is a standalone service.

Manage Your Company Retirement Plan

Many people take a “set it and forget” approach to their company retirement plan. Studies show accounts that are managed and updated and reviewed regularly perform better over time. 

There’s a delicate balance in managing your assets. Let’s work together to determine where you are today and where you want to be. 

During the 3-Meeting Process mentioned above,, we’ll connect the pieces of your retirement puzzle, which are:

  1. PG&E Pension
  2. Retirement savings plan [401(k)]
  3. Social Security

Once we have a clear picture of these items, we can consider other factors. These might include your Medical Savings Account, as well as other savings you have. 

I can assist you in managing any retirement plans you can access online. In a bit more detail, here’s what that means:

  • Professional management
  • Risk tolerance to match your goal
  • Regular account reviews
  • Your account stays where it is

digital assets

More than 90% of individuals feel their financial advisor should be able to advise them on Digital Assets. While most advisors have opinions on Digital assets, many advisors have no way to offer them. 

After receiving a Certificate from the Digital Asset Council of Financial Planners, and becoming a Certified Digital Asset Advisor from Interaxis, I have the background and knowledge to offer Full-Service advice on Digital Assets.

Full Service - Like you do today with your other investments, I can buy and sell Digital Assets through a Qualified Custodian that handles all personal keys.

Taxable, Tax-Deferred, & Tax-Free - I can offer you Individual accounts, IRA, and Roth IRA accounts. 

Self-Custody - For people who want help purchasing and selling Digital Assets, but want self-custody of their assets. I offer a way to do that including information on the advantages and disadvantages, plus the risk of losing access to your Digital Assets.

Education - Is a must, when you decide to buy into Digital Assets which is the first new asset class since, perhaps Gold. Education is needed. From the risks to the rewards, Digital Assets are interesting and scary at the same time. I can help you gain a better understanding, and help you decide if they are even right for you.

Consultation or Other Services

As a Certified Financial Planner™ and Enrolled Agent, I also offer expert advice on a broad range of financial topics including, but not limited to:

  • Assets outside retirement plans
  • Tax Guidance
  • Previous employer’s 401(k)
  • Extend Care Insurance
  • Trust accounts
  • Social Security 
  • College savings plans
  • Medicare Planning
  • Home Equity Conversion Strategies

You've worked hard. Let me help you simplify your future by maximizing your retirement benefits. 

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